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    HGACBuy Marketing Materials

    HGACBuy has provided the following marketing guidelines and materials for its member Contractors and Vendors.

    Policies and Procedures for Marketing

    The Procedure for Public Outreach document provides guidelines regarding proper marketing practices and responsibilities of those engaged in the public outreach of HGACBuy’s products or services.

    Public outreach practices or activities that could harm HGACBuy, its employees, its customers, or government agencies are prohibited regardless of the justification for such activities. Prohibited activities include the following:

    • Using deceptive or misleading statements
    • Attempting to induce individuals to place their personal interests above those of the companies or organizations they represent
    • Attempting to restrict competition by:
      • Inducing a competitor or customer to breach a contract with a third party
      • Obtaining unauthorized access to classified or proprietary information or documents
      • Securing an unfair competitive advantage
    • Violating any law or regulation
    • Engaging in any activity that could damage the company's reputation

    Any violation listed above will receive a notice.

    All Contractors/Vendors releasing brochures, publications, article submissions to press or journals relating to HGACBuy will need to be reviewed by HGACBuy staff (Sr. Communications Coordinator) at least (15) days prior to submitting literature.

    Join us for a Contractor Orientation Webinar

    The orientation will discuss:

    • Our cooperative environment
    • Requirements for Member participation
    • Preparing Contract Pricing Worksheets
    • Purchase orders and Order Confirmations
    • Quarterly Activity Reporting

    Join us for Texas Public Safety Conference

    HGACBuy Team will be attending Texas Public Safety Conference

    Join us for FDIC - Fire Department Instructors Conference

    HGACBuy Team will be attending FDIC - Fire Department Instructors Conference