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All Hazards Preparedness, Planning, Consulting & Recovery Services - HP10-17

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Contract No.: HP10-17

Effective Date: November 01, 2017 thru July 31, 2020

HGACBuy has established contracts with the following firms to provide professional planning, consulting and interim recovery services in the areas of Homeland Security, Disaster Preparedness and Recovery, Emergency Response and All Hazards Planning, as well as Continuity of Operations and Recovery Services including disaster debris monitoring.

It is recommended when using the HGACBuy contract that competition is required among the pool of H GAC Contractors. End Users must survey at least three (3) H GAC Contractors prior to entering into a contract/Service Agreement with selected Contractor.

Please click on the Contractor links below to view services provided and rates. You will then need to contact the company(s) you selected in order to receive a written quotation based upon contracted pricing and the scope of work you provide. Contact information for each contractor is listed on the right side bar.


BOLDplanning Inc.

CGI Technologies and Solutions Inc.

Data Transfer Solutions, LLC

David M Shapiro Disaster Planning and Recovery Consultants Inc.

Disaster Recovery and Risk Solutions, LLC

GCR Inc.

ICF Incorporated, LLC

Louis Berger U.S., Inc.

Michael Baker International, Inc.

Mission Critical Partners, Inc.

NewGen Strategies & Solutions, LLC

RS&H, Inc.

Wheeler Emergency Management Consulting, LLC

Integrated Solutions Consulting Corp.



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