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  • HGACBuy
  • H-GAC Energy Corporation
  • List of End Users

    View this page to see the complete list of HGACBuy EndUsers by State.


  • Using the Program

    Description of the Legal Authority for H-GAC to offer and End Users to receive purchasing services, as well as, description of the various processes performed by End Users, Contractors and H-GAC Staff.


  • Program Staff

    List of Program Management and Administrative Staff assigned to Program Product Contract.


  • Interlocal Contract Form (ILC)

    A membership requirement to participate in the program and to be eligible to receive all purchasing and procurement services.


  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Contains some frequently asked questions about our Cooperative Purchasing Program (HGACBuy) and the corresponding answers.


  • OMB Uniform Guidance


  • Becoming An HGACBuy Contractor

    View this page to find out how to become a contractor in the HGACBuy Cooperative Purchasing Program.  We do not automatically investigate, approve and list.  You must participate in our scheduled procurment for the product or service you provide, and submit a successful bid or proposal, in order to become a contractor.  If we do not have a listed category for the product or service you provide, you do not have an opportunity to become an H-GAC contractor unless we develop such a category. More...

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