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Disaster Recovery Contract Guidance

HGACBuy offers to its members contracts to assist with Disaster Planning and Recovery;

HP08-17/HP10/17 All Hazards Preparedness, Planning, Consulting and Recovery Services
DR09-17 Disaster Debris Clearance and Removal Services

These contracts were established through a formal sealed competitive proposal process.  The solicitations placed emphasis on the Federal Procurement Standards of “Super Circular 2 CFR 200” and the required affirmative steps for contracting with small and minority businesses, women business enterprises and labor surplus area firms. (See FEMA Cooperative Purchasing Fact Sheet)

When engaging these contracts, please note that an additional competitive step is required among the pool of HGACBuy Contractors.  End users must survey at least three (3) contractors from the available pool prior to entering into a contract/service agreement with a selected contractor.

To view the products and services offered, pricing and additional information regarding these contracts, visit our Products and Services page

Join us for a Contractor Orientation Webinar

The orientation will discuss:

  • Our cooperative environment
  • Requirements for Member participation
  • Preparing Contract Pricing Worksheets
  • Purchase orders and Order Confirmations
  • Quarterly Activity Reporting

Join us for FRI – Fire-Rescue International Conference & Expo

HGACBuy Team will be attending FRI – Fire-Rescue International Conference & Expo

Join us for an HGACBuy End User Orientation

The HGACBuy End User Orientation objective is to introduce End Users to the HGACBuy program:

  • Who is HGACBuy?
  • Discuss what HGACBuy Cooperative does
  • The advantages of using HGACBuy
  • Discuss the purchasing process
  • HGACBuy Website.