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Frequently Asked Questions About HGACBuy

What is HGACBuy?

We are a nationwide, government procurement service striving to make the governmental procurement process more efficient. Units of local government, including non-profits providing governmental services, are eligible to become participating members of the HGACBuy Cooperative. All contracts available to participating members of HGACBuy have been awarded by virtue of a public competitive procurement process compliant with state statutes.

What type of products are available thru HGACBuy?

Primarily, we offer products that are utilized in Public Safety, Public Works, Emergency Services and Communications, in addition to Professional Consulting and Temporary Personnel and Disaster Recovery Services. A wide variety of capital equipment is under contract, and through a unique feature of HGACBuy it can be customized through the use of published and unpublished options to fit your specific requirements.

Where do I find information on products offered through HGACBuy?

Visit the Products and Services page.

Can my entity purchase through HGACBuy?

The Texas Interlocal Cooperation Act permits joint participation by local governments, states, state agencies, and certain non-profit corporations. Most states have interlocal cooperation authority or other joint power provisions that allow participation in cooperative activities. Government entities join HGACBuy by executing an Interlocal Contract to become a Member. This document sets out the conditions, requirements and processes through which an entity’s purchase orders are received, confirmed to contract, and processed.

There are no annual membership dues required to purchase thru HGACBuy.

Can I purchase products and services online?

Because of the nature of most of the products and services we have under contract, we prefer that you speak with a contractor’s representative and get a detailed price quote before placing an order. This is to ensure that you get what you want, configured like you want it. Use the HGACBuy website to gather basic information and to get the contractor’s contact information. After you receive your written quotation and have reviewed it, prepare your purchase order to the Contractor and fax a copy to HGACBuy.

Where can I find bid and contract documents?

All bid and contract documents for current contracts can be found on our Current HGACBuy Contract Documents page.

What are some benefits of HGACBuy? I want to inform my elected officials and staff.

How does a vendor become a HGACBuy contractor?

Becoming an HGACBuy Contractor requires that you go through that process with us when we do a procurement for the products and/or services which you offer.

Visit the How to Become a Contractor page for more information.

Join us for a Contractor Orientation Webinar

The orientation will discuss:

  • Our cooperative environment
  • Requirements for Member participation
  • Preparing Contract Pricing Worksheets
  • Purchase orders and Order Confirmations
  • Quarterly Activity Reporting

Join us for a Virtual Open House - Infrastructure Equipment & Services

It will begin at 10:00 AM Central Time.

Description: The Open House is a convenient opportunity for members, potential members, partners, vendors, and staff to assemble and communicate virtually, while learning about specific products/services offered through our contracts and the benefits of participating in The HGACBuy Cooperative Purchasing Program.

This event will highlight the following HGACBuy contracts:

  • SP07-20: Solar Panels and Associated Equipment
  • TP07-18: Trenchless Pipeline Rehabilitiation Services

Join us for an HGACBuy Member Orientation

The HGACBuy Member Orientation will:

  • Give an overview of HGACBuy
  • Explain the advantages of using HGACBuy
  • Review the HGACBuy Order Process
  • View useful resources on the HGACBuy Website

Member orientations are scheduled monthly for your convenience.