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How to Become an End User

To become an End User (Member) and participate in purchasing through HGACBuy, you must:

The End User warrants that both requirements are fulfilled by execution of an Interlocal Contract (ILC).

Types of Participating End Users:

  • Municipalities, Cities, Counties and State Agencies
  • Councils of Government
  • Schools, School Districts, Colleges, Universities
  • Hospitals and Hospital Districts
  • Emergency Medical Services and Services Districts
  • Volunteer Fire Departments and Rural Fire Prevention Districts
  • Special Law Enforcement Jurisdictions
  • Judicial Courts & Districts
  • Emergency Communications Districts
  • Utility Districts (MUDs, WCIDs, Irrigation, etc.)
  • Special Districts
  • Authorities (Airport, Port, River, Water, Toll Road, etc.)
  • State Agencies
  • Not-for-Profit Corporations [501(c)(3)] providing government function or service
Program Statutes


Steps for Completing and Executing the ILC

Step 1

Complete the Interlocal Contract Form *(This step will only need to be completed once.)

Step 2

Print or Save the completed ILC form.

Step 3

Secure a signature by an individual with authority to contractually bind your entity.

Step 4

Deliver the signed copy of the ILC to HGACBuy via email, fax, or mail (See details below).

If you require a contract original, print and sign two (2) contracts.

Step 5

H-GAC will execute the contract and return a copy to you electronically.



H-GAC Cooperative Purchasing Program
P.O. Box 22777
Houston, TX 77227-2777

Special Requirements for Non-Profit Corporations

Qualifying non-profit corporations providing one or more government services (e.g. Volunteer Fire Departments, Emergency Medical Services) must also submit the following items together with the ILC documents:

  • Copy of 501(c)(3) Form
  • Copy of Charter and By-Laws highlighting section(s) demonstrating that your organization performs a governmental service.
  • Certification of the governmental service(s) that your organization performs. (Form included in the Non-Profit ILC)

Join us for an HGACBuy Member Orientation

Webinar will begin exactly at 9:30AM CST. Please be on time for the webinar or you may miss the presentation and have to wait until the next one.

The HGACBuy Member Orientation objective is to introduce Members to the HGACBuy program:

  • Who is HGACBuy?
  • Discuss what HGACBuy Cooperative does
  • The advantages of using HGACBuy
  • Discuss the purchasing process
  • HGACBuy Website.

Join us for a Contractor Orientation Webinar

The orientation will discuss:

  • Our cooperative environment
  • Requirements for Member participation
  • Preparing Contract Pricing Worksheets
  • Purchase orders and Order Confirmations
  • Quarterly Activity Reporting