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Pre-Bid Live Meeting - HP08-21

Join us for All Hazards Preparedness, Planning, Consulting and Recovery Services - HP08-21

April 01, 2021 - 09:00 AM to 10:00 AM

For more information please contact:
Bill Burton

Join us for an HGACBuy Member Orientation

Webinar will begin exactly at 9:30AM CST. Please be on time for the webinar or you may miss the presentation and have to wait until the next one.

The HGACBuy Member Orientation objective is to introduce Members to the HGACBuy program:

  • Who is HGACBuy?
  • Discuss what HGACBuy Cooperative does
  • The advantages of using HGACBuy
  • Discuss the purchasing process
  • HGACBuy Website.

Join us for a Virtual Open House Series - Record & Playback Systems

It will begin exactly at 10:00AM Central Time.


  • HGACBuy Virtual Open House - Record & Playback Systems