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01/01/2020 - 06/30/2024

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Large assortment of products like, Tractors, Mowers, Hay Equipment, Tillage Equipment, Sickle bars, Flail, Rotary, Limb Cutters, Spraying Equipment and other option including alternative fuel and snow removal equipment.

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Description Code Manufacturer Price Discount
Aerway Ag USA wholegoods pricing GR20A1 Aerway Ag 5%
Aerway Turf USA wholegoods pricing GR20B1 Aerway Turf 5%
Alamo Industrial Hydro-Flail Select Line Whole Goods Pricing GR20D2 Alamo 15%
Alamo Industrial Mantis 4142 Whole Goods Pricing GR20D4 Alamo 15%
Alamo Industrial Remote Control Line Whole Goods Pricing GR20D3 Alamo 5%
Alamo Industrial Repair and Replacement Parts Price Book GR20D5 Alamo 2%
Alamo Industrial Universal Line Whole Goods Pricing GR20D1 Alamo 15%
Big Dog Catalog GR20J1 Big Dog 27.00%
Bobcat Utility Vehicles Price List (Including Toolcat) GR20L1 Bobcat 15-24%
Bush Hog Machine Price List & Specifications Price List GR20O1 Bush Hog 22.00%
Case Farmall Series Compact and Utility Tractors Catalog Pricing GR20Q1 Case IH 25%
Case Farmall Series Tractors Catalog Pricing GR20Q2 Case IH 24%-28%
Case Magnum Series Tractors Catalog Pricing GR20Q6 Case IH 30%
Case Material Handling Products Catalog Pricing GR20Q8 Case IH 21%-29%
Case Maxxum Series Tractors Catalog Pricing GR20Q3 Case IH 28%
Case Mid-Range Magnum Series Tractors Catalog Pricing GR20Q5 Case IH 24%
Case Puma Series Tractors Catalog Pricing GR20Q4 Case IH 29%
Case Steiger Wheeled and Quadtrac Tractors Catalog Pricing GR20Q7 Case IH 32%
Club Car Carryall 295 Suggested US Retail Price Book GR20R1 Club Car 9-14%
Dixie Chopper Turf Products Price List GR20T1 Dixie Chopper 20.00%
Green Climber Remote-Controlled Slope Mowers Pricing Catalog GR2AAC1 Green Climber 2.00%
Hand-fed Chippers and Stump Grinders Catalog Pricing GR20H2 Bandit Industries 12.70%
Hustler Mowers Catalog Pricing GR20AA1 Hustler 10-27%
John Deere Aeration Pricing Catalog GR20CC8 John Deere 23.50%
John Deere AG Tractors, Combines, Cotton Pricing Catalog GR20CC11 John Deere 13.5-23.5%
John Deere Ag  Management Solutions (AMS)  Pricing Catalog GR20CC17 John Deere 21.50%
John Deere Commercial Mowers Pricing Catalog GR20CC3 John Deere 22.50%
John Deere Compact Utility Tractors Pricing Catalog GR20CC4 John Deere 17.50%
John Deere Debris Maintenance Pricing Catalog GR20CC9 John Deere 23.50%
John Deere Equipment for Lawn and Garden Tractors Pricing Catalog GR20CC2 John Deere 3.5-17.5%
John Deere Golf & Turf Fleet Management Pricing Catalog GR20CC10 John Deere 12.50%
John Deere Hay & Forage Pricing Catalog GR20CC12 John Deere 21.50%
John Deere Material Handling: Loaders, Cutters, Scrapers, Shredders, Backhoes Pricing Catalog GR20CC16 John Deere 23.50%
John Deere Reel Mowers Pricing Catalog GR20CC6 John Deere 23.50%
John Deere Residential Zero Turn Radius Mowers Pricing Catalog GR20CC1 John Deere 3.5-8.5%
John Deere Seeding/Planter/Drills Pricing Catalog GR20CC14 John Deere 21.50%
John Deere Special Application Mowers &  Vehicles Pricing Catalog GR20CC7 John Deere 23.50%
John Deere Sprayers Pricing Catalog GR20CC15 John Deere 21.50%
John Deere Tillage Pricing Catalog GR20CC13 John Deere 21.50%
John Deere Utility Vehicles Pricing Catalog GR20CC5 John Deere 13.5-16.5%
Land Pride Pricing Catalog GR20EE1 Land Pride (Great Plains MFG) 17-32%
Lely USA Turf Products Dealer List Pricing Effective 10/1/2021 GR20FF1 Lely 4%
MacLean Municipal Vehicle (MV4.1) Catalog GR20HH1 MacLean Engineering 10-17%
Morbark Industrial Price Guide GR20JJ1 Morbark 10.00%
Morbark Tree Care Price Guide GR20JJ2 Morbark 13.50%
Morbark/Boxer Mini Skid Steers Price Guide GR20JJ3 Morbark 13.50%
Multihog CL Range Multi-Purpose Tractor Catalog GR20KK2 Multihog Ltd 5.00%
Multihog CX Range Multi-Purpose Tractor Catalog GR20KK1 Multihog Ltd 5.00%
Multihog MH Range Multi-Purpose Tractor Catalog GR20KK4 Multihog Ltd 5.00%
Multihog MX Range Multi-Purpose Tractor Catalog GR20KK3 Multihog Ltd 5.00%
New Holland Ag Loaders & Implements GR20LL12 New Holland 23%
New Holland Compact Tractors GR20LL1 New Holland 28%
New Holland Hay & Forage, Material Handling and Other Products GR20LL13 New Holland 25%
New Holland PowerStar™Series Utility Tractors GR20LL3 New Holland 30%
New Holland T4 Series Utility Tractors GR20LL5 New Holland 30%
New Holland T4F & T4V Series Specialty and TK4 Series Ag Crawler Tractors GR20LL4 New Holland 30%
New Holland T5 Series Mid-Range Tractors GR20LL6 New Holland 30%
New Holland T6 Series Ag Tractors GR20LL8 New Holland 30%
New Holland T7 Series Ag Tractors GR20LL9 New Holland 32%
New Holland T8 Series Ag Tractors GR20LL10 New Holland 35%
New Holland T9 Series Ag Tractors GR20LL11 New Holland 30%
New Holland TS6 Series Ag & Mowing Tractors GR20LL7 New Holland 27%
New Holland WORKMASTER™ Series Utility Tractors GR20LL2 New Holland 25%
RC Mowers Pricing Catalog Effective 11/15/2021 GR20AAF1 RC Mowers 20.00%
Rhino Quicke Loaders List GR20MM2 Rhino 17.00%
Rhino Whole Goods Price List GR20MM1 Rhino 17-35%
Scag Commercial Mowers Commercial Mower Catalog GR20OO1 Scag 22.00%
Scag Debris Management Equipment Catalog GR20OO2 Scag 22.00%
Series Utility Tractors Pricing Catalog GR20AAD1 Karcher Municipal North America Corporation Price List
Spartan Hook Lift Pricing Catalog GR20AAG2 Spartan 1.00%
Spartan Leaf Pricing Catalog GR20AAG1 Spartan 1.00%
Terrain King Repair and Replacement Parts Price Book GR20SS2 Terrain King 2%
Terrain King Whole Goods Catalog, Mowers and Turnkeys Pricebook GR20SS1 Terrain King 15%
Tiger Mowers Whole Goods Pricing Book GR20TT1 Tiger Corp 6%-16%
Titan Leaf - Catalog Pricing GR20AAH2 Titan Leaf Solutions 1.00%
Titan Leaf Box (Containments) - Catalog GR20AAH3 Titan Leaf Solutions 2.00%
Titan Leaf rch - Catalog Pricing GR20AAH1 Titan Leaf Solutions 1.00%
Trackless Series MT7 Municipal Tractor Catalog GR20VV1 Trackless Vehicles 5.00%
Trimax USA price list Effective August 9th, 2021 GR20WW1 Trimax Mowing Systems 3%
Woods Pricing Catalog GR20AAI1 Woods 24-37%