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07/01/2020 - 06/30/2025

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Many equipment configurations, options and accessories are available. Please contact the contractor's designated contact to discuss specific needs and to obtain a written Contract Pricing Worksheet.

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Eventide's NexLog mission-critical communications logging systems reliably capture, store, protect, reproduce, and help you manage important interactions and critical data. NexLog logging systems are designed for NG9-1-1 applications and integrate with many public safety CAD, radio, and consoles systems. EE Eventide Inc. 0.00
Exacom’s HindSight multimedia logging recorder addresses many challenges faced within mission-critical 24/7/365 recording. It captures and archives all communications data that comes through: audio from radio or phone, text messages, screen video, events, and metadata from other sources. Those records can then be reviewed, allowing an organization to essentially go back in time and see what happened at any given point. The powerful search, filter, tagging, and bookmarking features mean that staff can find what they’re looking for quickly. HindSight is intuitive, scalable, responsive, secure, and field-proven with installations ranging in size and complexity. For communications that take place in different geographic locations, Exacom’s logging solutions can record at the source—virtually anywhere in the world. Then, depending on the organization’s needs, users can: access all those records in one place, access only a portion of them from one place, or access records from one specific location. AA; BB; CC EXACOM, Inc 0.00
HigherGround Capture911 Base System including: hardware, software, installation, service, and support. DA HigherGround, Inc 0.00
Networkable continuously operating Digital Logging Recorder System capable to simultaneously record and replay audio resources from both telephone and radio transmissions including associated call data. JA Alliance Recording Systems 0.00
The NICE Inform is the most comprehensive suite of integrated Incident Information Management applications that enable public safety agencies, transportation control centers and utilities to effectively record, manage and derive valuable insights from today’s higher volume and variety of communications. It captures multimedia communications and helps you manage, synchronize and put incidents into context – saving you time, money and resources; while ensuring quality and compliance. AA NICE Systems, Inc. 0.00