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Busch Systems International Summit Two-stream Flat Top indoor recycling and waste station with hinged lid for top servicing. 30 gallon capacity. Powder coated steel body with two rigid plastic liners. White body with black single hinge lid or colored multi-hinge lid.


Busch Systems International

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RC01-21 Refuse & Recycling Containers and Lifters

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Public Works Equipment



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Busch Systems International, Summit Two-stream Flat Top indoor recycling, waste station, hinged lid, top servicing, 30 gallon capacity, Powder coated steel body, two rigid plastic liners, White body, black single hinge lid, colored multi-hinge lid.

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Busch Systems International Inc.

Ryan Miltimore
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Phone: 800-565-9931 x 1690
Fax: 705-722-8972

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