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Flex 5 Rollover System: Three brush automatic car wash, treadle-free operation, with voice signaling for vehicle placement assistance placement; Applications: vehicles up to 7'6”, including cars and light duty trucks, vans, SUVs; Features: photo-eye activation, driver's side LED vehicle positioning sign, protective yellow guide rails, hose/cable feed system with two wall mounting brackets and tray, Link-It closed cell soft foam brushes, electronically controlled amp-sensing system (with tilting system), Istobal venturi-based chemical delivery system, galvanized travel rails with shims and hardware, touch-screen technician command center, screen access for remote programming, diagnosis, and resetting (customer Internet access); Standard color (”Traffic White RAL9016”)



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FL03-21 Fleet Services Equipment

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General Purpose, Emergency & Autonomous Vehicles



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Fleet; fleet equipment; washing equipment; vehicle washing

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Loleta Chappel

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