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Nautica 4M-12 System: 3-brush rollover gantry type wash system (washing elements on floor mounted tracks over stationary vehicle); Applications: cars, trucks, buses and tractor-trailers; Clearnce: 138”; System includes: top follower brush for front/top/rear; set of side brushes; soft fiber brushes; 55” top brush; 36”-42” side brudhes; air retract system (air compressor not included); detergent injection metering pump & container; cable carrier system for electrical/water/air supply lines; PLC control panel, pre-wired, gantry-mounted; manual override push-buttons & joystick override control; 22' tire guide rails; galvanized steel frame; overspray splash guards, sides & top 60' steel gantry running tracks


NS Corp

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FL03-21 Fleet Services Equipment

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General Purpose, Emergency & Autonomous Vehicles



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Fleet; fleet equipment; washing equipment; vehicle washing

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