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GPS fleet tracking & workforce management software; ”black box” plug & play vehicle activity recorder/GPS sender unit and Fieldlogix software; applications: real-time GPS vehicle & equipment tracking; features: closest vehicle to landmark/address, driver behavior monitoring, aggressive driving monitoring, vehicle diagnostics (via OBD-II), check engine alerts, seat belt usage monitoring, green reports, maintenance reminders, landmark entry/exit tracking, driver scorecard, fleet benchmarks, restricted zone (geo-fence) alerts, county mileage tracking, device health monitoring, fuel fraud monitoring, vehicle breadcrumb trail, posted speed limit alerts, mileage tracking, application program interface/API



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FL03-21 Fleet Services Equipment

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General Purpose, Emergency & Autonomous Vehicles


Standard solution: $299 (1 year monitoring fee for standard plan + vehicle diagnostics; price includes: GPS tracking device (GenX 5P) available in LTE (AT&T), OBDII plug in power harness (J harness)

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Fleet; fleet equipment;

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Veracity Wireless, Inc., dba FieldLogix

Yukon Palmer
[email protected]
Phone: 888-803-0200 x 131
Fax: 858-863-4060

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Loleta Chappel

[email protected]
Phone: 713-993-2486
Fax: 713-993-4548