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”Premium” solution (route managrment solution for solid waste programs): per vehicle license, priced as a single vehicle; home office license; web based fleet management; operations efficiency; cloud hosted and onsite server options; inclusive of Basic solution features; GPS; real-time; cellular (CDMA & GSM/GPRS); light duty vehicle applications; Sierra Wireless GX400 GPS transponder-cellular modem (OBDIII interface); touch screen computer options; driver records pickups, skips, extras, timers, comments; turn-by-turn directions; route based or work order based; home office software includes: dashboards, route management, work order management, alerts, driver messaging interface, route details, customer service, mapping, reporting; mapping functionality includes:  bread crumb trails, route playback, geofencing, proximity to landmarks and addresses; alerts and notifications include speeding, idling, engine on/off, mileage, time, behind schedule, off route, timers



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FL03-21 Fleet Services Equipment

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General Purpose, Emergency & Autonomous Vehicles


Standard solution: $3,116 (inclusive of GPS/onboard computer unit with full install kit (standard cabling, wiring, etc.) as well as the base perpetual software license; requires Routeware Control Center liensing ($15k…$188/vehicle after first 15)

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Fleet; fleet equipment;

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Routeware, Inc.

Hayden Bradford
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Loleta Chappel

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